Old Tokyo alive in Second Life

Now Second Life players can visit Old Tokyo, thanks to Second Coa, that created the virtual city.

Know more about it watching the video made by DigInfo. via Asiajin

Português por favor?

Second Life players poderão conhecer a velha cidade de Tokyo, graças a Second Coa, empresa que construiu a cidade virtual.

Saiba mais assistindo ao vídeo feito pela DigInfo. via Asiajin

edo 1

edo 2

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  1. 1

    Ken Ken said,

    Do you play Second Life?!

    PS: Thx for posting comments on my blog so i’ll post some on yours ^^

  2. 2

    Mika said,

    nope… I just can’t like it =/

    np Ken! I find your blog pretty interesting.

    thanx for the comments.

  3. 3

    Yukio said,

    i said that i was going to join on second life and make new friends, but it was just a joke… i won’t never give up on my friends. 🙂 from a long time ago they r like my family and i’ll never change them for a virtual person unless if this virtual one has a blog :D.
    i really like to know the places at the REAL life and this virtual world does not make me feel attracted. not in the least. if i cannot travel around the world i prefer to visit the Zulai Temple that is quite near than tokyo or going to walk at the Liberdade. you are kind of “japanese wannabe” hahaha! 😛 am i right? or are you really a japanese? well, it really doesnt matter. i am trying to guess where did u find me to follow on tuíter :)… cos’ i think that’s funny when yours coloured socks shows up on my timeline 🙂
    Português por favor?
    Eu não sou muito bom no português e muito menos no inglês 8D
    Mas gostei da cor verde-lima no teu blog. Ela deixa meu quarto bem verde e acende o meu teclado na madrugada ahahha!
    e gostei de todas essas coisas interessantes que tem embaixo, mas não compraria nenhuma delas, eu acho. o simples e eficiente fazem parte do meu dia-a-dia.
    bem, é isso. me dá seu e-mail para que minhas mensagens não sejam tão grandes mas que não sejam menores que 140 caracteres. 🙂

    até um outro post!
    hope that you r fine!
    take care! ;*

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