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Diablo III Official Website

Diablo Website

Ok, now that everyone calmed down, and I had some sleep =_=, I ask:

Have you checked Diablo III website already? NO? O.O

Then what are you waiting for?

It’s filled with trailers, screens, concept art, and much more. And all that with a hell design!!

You have 3 seconds to be there:

1,2,3… ebil you go!

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Diablo III Announced!!

Diablo 3 announced

It’s official!

It’s Diablo III !!

There you go Diablo fans! You can go crazy now…

I can finally go to bed =_=

oh! Screen shot found on forum.

Diablo 3

Ok, now I’m going to bed… for real… I’m serious now!

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Interviewed by The Pakistani Spectator

Do you think that these new technologies are effective in making people more responsive?

Yes, thanks to these technologies we know everything that happens around the world almost at the same time that it happens, opening people eyes and making them more interested, also making possible for more and more people to express their opinions and thoughts about the world.

Check the whole interview that The Pakistani Spectator did with me here.

Confira toda a intrevista que o The Pakistani Spectator fez comigo aqui.

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All Words to be Top Level Domains

ICANN decided to allow weird domain names!!

From now on we gonna be seeing domains like, or melove.meat, hehehe, stuff like that. It’s funny to imagine different kinds of domain now that we have this new freedom.

But won’t be aloud domains like iwant.nestle for example, or names associated to countries or governments.

Now I can have a acai.sushi domain name =D . via Gizmodo

Português por favor?

ICANN decidiu permitir nomes de domínio diferentes!!

De agora em diante nós vamos ver domínios como eute.odeio, ou euamar.carne, hehehe, coisas assim. É divertido imaginar diferentes tipos de domínio agora que temos esta nova liberdade.

Mas domínios como quero.nestle por exemplo não serão permitidos, assim como nomes associados a países e governos. Outro exemplo não correto seria, brasilumpaisde.tolos, afinal, este associa o nome de um país, de um governo, e bom… vocês entedem né?

Agora eu posso ter o domínio acai.sushi =D . via Gizmodo

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