Haruna Ai

Isn’t she pretty?

Hihi ^_^ I’m so mean.

This is Haruna Ai, she’s famous for her Air Ayaya performance, but in the past, she was known by another name, her name was Kenji. Kenji for those that doesn’t know, is a boy’s name.

She’s a “new half”, that’s how man that made the transition to woman are called in Japan. I didn’t know that until I saw Danny Choo’s post about her. And I was surprised cause “new half” is a way better name than transsexual. It’s even cute! From now on, I won’t say someone is a transsexual, I will say she/he is a “new half”.

Danny Choo also said that there are many “new halfs” working on japanese talevision. How many “new halfs” are working on brazilian TV? One or two maybe. What about the american TV? I don’t have the answer for this one. But I think, we all can learn something from the japanese (like always they have something to teach), be open minded. If one of the most tradicional countries in the world can, why the other can’t? via Danny Choo

Português por favor?

Ela não é bonita?

Hihi ^_^ eu sou tão má.

Essa é Haruna Ai, ela é famosa por sua performace no Air Ayaya, mas no passado, ela era conhecida por outro nome, seu nome era Kenji. Kenji para quem não sabe, é nome de menino.

Ela é uma “nova metade”, é assim que são chamados os homens que viraram mulheres no Japão. Eu não sabia até ver o post do Danny Choo sobre ela. E eu fiquei surpresa porque “nova metade” é um nome bem melhor do que transsexual. É até bonitinho! De agora em diante, não vou dizer que alquém é transsexual, vou dizer que ela/ele é uma “nova metade”.

Danny Choo também diz que há muitas “novas metades” trabalhando na televisão japonesa. Quantas “novas metades” estão trabalhando na TV brasileira? Um ou dois talvez. E na TV americana? Não tenho a resposta para esta pergunta. Mas eu acho, que todos nós podemos aprender alguma coisa com os japoneses (como sempre eles tem alguma coisa a ensinar), seja mente aberta. Se um dos mais tradicionais países no mundo pode, por que os outros não? via Danny Choo

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  1. 1

    Kat said,

    He looks so pretty as a girl it is amazing but for some reason Japanese people have the “baby face” look that it’s hard to tell with just the switch of clothing.

  2. 2

    Mika said,

    lol… I agree with you. Their baby face make the switch pretty easy.

  3. 3

    Ken said,

    he talks like a guy tho X_X
    would be almost impossible to know just by seeing even though i see some trace of guy in his face, but that’s probably because i already know it’s a guy

  4. 4

    Mika said,

    omg! I was telling that to my bf right now, and then I see your post.
    I agree with you 100%. But I still think she’s pretty.

  5. 5

    João Mourão said,

    ” If one of the most tradicional countries in the world can, why the other can’t?”

    Are you talking of JAPAN???! Actually, Japan is one of the most pervert countrys.

    PS: InMyOpinion

  6. 6

    He/she is on TV right now (I’m in Japan). It is interesting when she becomes he and talks like an angry man.

  7. 7

    Mika said,

    @João Mourão: Yeah… sometimes I also think they are the most perverted ¬_¬ !!

    @earthandbeyond: Wow! Right now? It’s kinda scary when he/she does that don’t you agree?

  8. 8

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