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Tsundere Cafe

Would you pay to be treated badly by the waitresses?

I wouldn’t! But I’m a girl, so, being treated badly by waitresses is not exactly my dream, would be more like a nightmare.

But this is the dream of many guys! Men that go to a tsundere cafe to get treated badly by the cafe waitresses. Weeeird! via Dannychoo

Português por favor?

Você pagaria para ser mau tratado por uma garçonete?

Eu não! Mas eu sou mulher, então, ser mau tratada por uma garçonete não é exatamente meu sonho, seria mais como um pesadelo.

Mas este é o sonho de muitos caras! Homens que vão a um tsundere cafe para serem mau tratados pelas garçonetes do cafe. Sinistro! via Dannychoo

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Edelstein, the first schoolboy cafe (english only)

This cafe has everything that a maid cafe has, everything but the maids!

Edelstein is the first schoolboy cafe, and the new trend amongst girls in Tokyo.

edelstein cafe 1

Here, the clients are served by waiters in school uniform, manicured hands, and soft voice, which the only objective is to serve the female visitors.

I wish I could go u.u!! Even the food looks cute!!

edelstein cafe 2

And if you have no idea about what’s a maid cafe, check this videos.

1o video:

2o video:


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