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Slime Dog


It’s ewww, but don’t kids love ewww things?

This is Biri Biri Kaze Hiki Wanko, Bandai’s new toy for kids around 7 years old.

The idea is pretty simple, you have this sick dog, and you gotta help him catching all his plastic germs, without touching the metal part of the tweezers on the slime, wins who catchs more germs, if the metal part of the tweezer touch the slime, it produces a buzzing shock, that probably gonna scare the hell out of the kids.

You know what? I could play it and have fun, guess “big kids” gonna buy it too. via Trends in Japan

Português por favor?

É ecaaa, mas criançãs não adoram coisas ecaaa?

Esse é o Biri Biri Kaze Hiki Wanko, o novo brinquedo da Bandai para criançãs em torno dos 7 anos.

A idéia é bem simples, você tem um cachorro doente, e tem que ajuda-lo pegando os germes de plástico dele, sem encostar a parte de metal da pinça na gosma, ganha quem pegar mais germes, no caso da parte de metal da pinça tocar na gosma, ela produz um ruído de choque que provavelmente, vai matar as criançãs de susto.

Quer saber? Eu poderia comprar e me divertir, acho que algumas “criançãs grandes” vão comprar também. via Trends in Japan

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Beer for Kids?? O.o

Can you imagine being at home doing dinner and your kid tells you that he wants red meat for dinner cause he got some of his favorite red wine at the local market? Or making a barbecue to celebrate your 6 year old daughter birthday, and when you ask her what kinda of drinks she wants, she answers that she want some beer?

Well, in japan that’s a reality!

Sangaria, a japanese beverage companie, created fake alcoholic drinks for kids. There’s wine, beer, champagne, and other drinks. All that so the kids won’t feel left out when the adults are celebrating.

I can’t imagine this comming to Brazil, parents would freak out and so would the goverment. There would be different opinions about it, and all that would end up with people discussing how to be a good parent.

Check out two of Sangaria’s comercial for their non-alcoholic beer for kids, Kodomo no Nomimono.

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